31 Days of Halloween: End of October Round Up

Hey kids!  Well, the best holiday of the year, Halloween, has passed.  Which means its time to wrap up this series of posts.  I started this month with a blog about all the movies I had set aside to watch this month in honor of the best holiday of the year.  I wanted to watch at least one thing from this Halloween box of videos each day.   You can see the list here: https://wowmonstershow.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/31-days-of-halloween-the-list/

And you can see how I did in week 1 here: https://wowmonstershow.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/31-days-of-halloween-week-1/

And week 2 here:  https://wowmonstershow.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/31-days-of-halloween-week-2/

I fell off a bit after that unfortunately.  Actually, week 3 turned out pretty well, but week 4….let’s just say since it is one of the busiest weeks in the year for me, I fell below my expectations in movie watching.  And the biggest bummer was I was saving my favorite Halloween flicks for closest to the holiday (Great Pumpkin, Halloween, Halloween III) and I never watched them.  So I think Halloween has to be extended another month.

That being said, here’s the last of my October viewings.



Its says on the box…In the Tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  But, brother, this is no Rocky Horror.  Based on the musical “I’m sorry the bridge is out…you’ll have to spend the night”  by Boris “Monster Mash” Pickett.

Yep, Boris is even in this movie!

monstermashand his hunchback assistant is played by John Kassir (The Cryptkeeper!)   In the “Janet” role is one of the chicks from Full House.

Guys this movie is horrible.  Like really, horrible.  Not even funny horrible.   Here:

Even Mink Stole can’t save this.  Oh, and yeah, they play The Monster Mash at least three times.

Of course all this being said, my wife is amazing for finding it and I’m of course going to watch it every Halloween.

transylvania 6500TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000

You know what movie is great?  THIS ONE.  Okay, okay, it wears thin for maybe the last 15 minutes or so.  But it’s the funniest movie funded by DOW CHEMICALS to spend their Yugoslavian money that they were not allowed to move out of the country (it’s true!  On both counts!)   But I find this movie absolutely hilarious.  I do.  And if you don’t, frankly you’re just wrong.   If WOWMS ever makes a movie, it would be like this.  In fact I once had a loose outline to a WOWMS movie that was quite similar in some respects.

Plus, this:

MSDTRSI EC001This is enough reason for this movie to exist if nothing else.

lords of salemTHE LORDS OF SALEM

I LOVE this movie.  I pretty much love everything Rob Zombie has done (even the two Halloween movies have grown on me.)  But I really, really just dig the whole vibe on this one.  And with the fall Salem setting, it’s also perfect Halloween viewing.  I know this movie isn’t for everyone, but I loved it.

foto-the-lords-of-salem-8-021Also, this sweater is amazing.



Man, I love this movie.  And the new Scream Factory Blu-Ray looks gorgeous.  They just don’t make them like this anymore.  The 80’s was a great time.  You had all these directors that grew up on the Hammer films, the AIP films, as well as stuff like NOTLD and Blood Feast…but also saw the rereleases or horror hosted screenings of the old Universal classics, etc.  So you had films like the Howling which felt like a mixture of the classic and the new….the atmospheric and the splatter-tastic.   Just a great, great flick.

night of the demonsNIGHT OF THE DEMONS

I did get in a few classic “Halloween Night” movies and this is one of them.  I remember the first time I saw this, my smile kept getting wider and wider as they checked off plot points….Halloween night….deserted house….old funeral home….built on Indian graveyard….seance….etc, etc.  What’s not to love.  Plus, Angela’s dance to Bauhaus’ Stigmata Martyr blew my teenage mind.


Was not on my original list but I pulled it off the shelf one night when the mood struck me.  Great, great film.  Grasshopper devil alien martian monsters!


I also watched a ton more of this show….and it made me remember how much I loved it back when it came on in syndication.   You know, it’s amazing we live in a world where at the drop of a hat I can watch THE WARRIORS or a million other movies on my phone at any time.  But back in the 80’s it was kind of cool that the stuff we loved was harder to find.  You had to search it out, and when you found it, you treasured it more.  To have this show on weekly was amazing and I loved it.  It really is a pretty great horror anthology type show.  And one of the great things about it is the awesome core cast of three.

friday-13-tv-seriesOkay…that guy on the right is not Jack Marshack, the bad ass old magician.  But it is a nice picture of Robey.

haunted_palace_poster_02THE HAUNTED PALACE

Another great flick.  Roger Corman and Vincent Price were having such great success with the Poe films for AIP and Corman wanted to try a Lovecraft film.  AIP said no way, Poe was too popular.  So they took the title of a Poe poem, made that the title of the film and went ahead and made an HP Lovecraft movie anyway, based loosely on “The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward.”


Another one that had not been on my list….but I’m so glad we watched it as I hadn’t seen it in a very long time (at least 10 years.)  Remembered how great it was.  I had bought the Blu-Ray for cheap a long time ago but never even unwrapped it.  Such a great, great flick.

Elvira-Image-elvira-2670866-600-516monsterclubTHE MONSTER CLUB (Hosted by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.)

Another great, fun, movie.  I believe this is now on Blu-Ray…but I love my thriller video Elvira VHS.  Just perfect for a fun, Halloween, Monster filled romp as this.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and check it out.

So that’s another Halloween season behind us.  But, as we always say here on The World of the Weird Monster Show….everyday is Halloween!

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