Scooby Doo! Halloween fail…sort of

Hey all,

Apologies for the lack of entries.  Been swamped!  But planning on getting another WOWMS bts blog up tomorrow (covering season 3!)

I’ve kind of failed in many of my Halloween goals this year.  The important things I’ve covered…I bought some cool stuff, I and my wife carved pumpkins for our front steps…the first front steps either of us have had as adults!  So yes, we’ve decorated the front yard and got pumpkins out as well as an awesome Halloween tree and animatronic cat.  And frankly, that’s really all I needed.  So cool.

Bought some candy for trick r treaters this Sunday!  Can’t wait to have trick r treaters at my door!  Now, this is our first year in the house, so who knows….we may get barely anyone…or we may get alot.  Either way, I’m happy just to set up a big bowl of candy and throw Halloween on the TV while waiting.  Or the Great Pumpkin!

But my movie watching has been lackluster.  Sigh.  I knew I’d never make my goals, but I haven’t even come close.  And while many things I’ve watched have been awesome and are old faves (Horror of dracula, Brides of Dracula, Masque of the Red Death, Monster House) none were really on my list.  So many things I wanted to watch….I mean, I’ve wanted to watch for a long time but was too busy..I figured Halloween would give me an excuse, but it didn’t happen.  I have a few days left but between right now (at work) and Sunday when I get off work—I figure I have about 4-5 hours non-sleep free time.

I have caught some cool stuff on Food Network…which I now declare officially THE best Halloween network.  Yes, it’s food, but they have more cool Halloween programming than most any other network.  It’s great!

No Halloween special for WOWMS this year.  Which marks the second time that has happened.  I’m kind of bummed about this.  We have gone to a very, very limited shooting schedule and I need to make that change.  My life has been otherwise occupied in the last couple of years but I’ve got to make time for the show.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been…but that shouldn’t mean I have to drop the thing that kept me slightly happy when I was miserable, hahaha.   Hopefully, a change in shooting schedule days towards the end of the year and into next year will bring back at least monthly new episodes (the main obstacle has been work schedule related)    We are showing LADY FRANKENSTEIN for Halloween…which is perfect for the season.  Just wish we’d done a new one.  I had some great ideas, too.  Oh, well, next year!

I also have been watching a bunch of the new show, SCOOBY DOO! MYSTERY INCORPORATED which is awesome!  Great animation, wonderful character designs…very moody, atmospheric…colorful (I think one of the things I dig about Scooby Doo so much is the colors.  Honestly, the color combinations of the costumes, the van, etc….just hits me the right way.)   I could do without a bit of the Velma all over Shaggy (cause really….who would really want Shaggy?)  But I like the fact that there’s an overarching mystery as well as the stand alones.  I love that Casey Kasem is Shaggy’s dad.  I love that Jeffrey Combs played HP Lovecraft.  I love that Harlan Ellison played himself!

It’s just a very, very cool show–and it also kind of confirms to me that Daphne and Velma are two of the hottest cartoon/comics characters…and kind of a fantasy.  So girls….you’ve got two days left.  Ditch that witch costume, or lady gaga crap or “Sexy” whatever it is you were planning on…and go as Daphne or Velma.

great lighting effects in this show, too...and lots of greens, purples, etc...I always thought of a WOWMS cartoon and how it would look. It would look just like this which is maybe another reason I like it so much.

Just cool.

Great titles, too. I think the HP Lovecraft one was "The Shrieking Madness"



I think this season the Mystery Inc gang may have to come back to WOWMS

And while not relating to this post...Velma and Scooby surving in the zombie wastelands is just cool. Did I mention I can't wait to see Walking Dead on Sunday night??!?!

2 Responses to “Scooby Doo! Halloween fail…sort of”

  1. I saw that velma and scooby shirt somewhere. i want it.

  2. drew watson(acdb) Says:

    man i luv tht velma and scooby zombie 1 i wish they made a series on tht , probably have 2 put it for teens and above ,but tht would be so cool

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