Pumpkins! Decorations! October Movie Viewing and more!

Okay…first off, I apologize for such a lull between blogs.  Here I was, speeding along at a good clip, getting like 4 done in 4 days and then….nothing.  But, had some very busy times at work (which still continue) but I’m going to try and keep back on track!

First…very cool, I was interviewed by Jim Buchanan for the Harrison, Arkansas television station TKO 8 TV.  He’s the news director at the station (and seems like a very good guy from my communications with him) and also hosts a show called “Here, There, and Everywhere.”  He’s doing a multi-part story on Horror Hosts and he interviewed me as one of the “new generation.”  Which I was honored to do so!  You can see part one of his story here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVYI3517eto     I’ll post part two when it’s done (and by then I’ll have looked up how to do video on here.)

Also have some other very cool World of the Weird Monster Show news coming up soon as well.  But you’ll have to wait!

I also plan on continuing with that “Origin of WOWMS” post from last week by going thru some highlights from the early days of WOWMS–possibly a season by season kind of deal, with more archived notes, photos, etc.

SO, October is upon us!  My wonderful wife Jenny and I went out on Tuesday to begin the ever important tradition of decorating for Halloween.  Even more important as it’s the first Halloween in our new house, which has a stoop and yard and everything.

First thing you need?  Pumpkins!  Here’s what we got:


Our haul!

Jenny got this one...look at the character lines! Wise Old Pumpkin!

Another view of the bunch!


I got this guy....the light isn't the best, but he's a pale green. Yep, Frankenstein Monster Pumpkin on the way!

The pretty boy. I mean, you have to at least have one pumpkin-pumpkin.

We thought this would make a cool one...looks like candle wax dripped all over it.

And of course....the little guys.

Jenny took this one of me, Spooky and the Pumpkin gang....."Spooky and the Pumpkin Gang" I like that!


Then we headed off to get some actual decorations.  Which we went to Lowes and Target for.  We got some awesome decorations from Lowes (we had a gift card…nice.)  These guys were the last they had so we got the display ones at a discount!

This thing is awesome. About 5 feet tall probably it lights up with orange halloween lights and the pumpkins. VERY cool.

This thing is also very cool and a cpl of feet high...and the head turns back and forth with a motor.

And Candy Corn lawn stakes! Cheesy....yet amazing!

We got started that night at like 10pm. We're waiting to really do it probably this weekend, but here's our window right now.

And this has already changed, lol.

And sometimes the simplest things...are the coolest things!

And we got some other stuff, too.  I’m hoping to maybe have it all up this weekend, but it might end up being early in the week.  But you can count on one things….when it’s all done, I’ll post pics here!


I think I’m going to post the candy stuff separate…but as for Halloween viewing, here’s what I’ve done so far:

THE TERROR:  Yep, watched week #2 of Elvira and loved it.  I really, really am thrilled that she’s back on the air.

MONSTER HOUSE:  Great movie that I’d only seen once before–last year–and was great to watch again.

MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH:  Looking forward to watching more classics that I don’t have time to watch as much.  Was a blast to take the time and watch this one again.  GREAT film!

3 Responses to “Pumpkins! Decorations! October Movie Viewing and more!”

  1. SeveraAsh Says:

    The picture with Spooky was super adorable! Yay Halloween!

  2. Hi! Nice decorations!!! Where did you find the candy corn lawn stakes? I love them!

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